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    • 10 April 2019 Joe was very helpful in my relocation from CA to TX. He quickly found a home that suited my family. He also was very helpful putting me in contact with the best people who helped with my loan. I would recommend Joe to family, friends and strangers alike. I will contact them for any...Read More

      Buyer Review – Recommended by Meghan4634

    • Joe was extremely knowledgeable and got in touch quickly. As someone who isn't the type to fool around and waste time, I was rather impressed to see Joe being on top with his job. He was also very respectful and patient and answered every question we had and, as clients, we admired that in him....Read More


    • Joe is a fantastic person and always willing to help. He is very upfront and does not hide anything from the clients. I admire him for his openness, hard work and knowledge on real estate matters He spent hours answering our questions and providing objective data that helped us in our search....Read More

      Great Agent – PrashKawa

    • My children and I recently relocated to Texas. Joe Willingham was the agent who responded to my online inquiry for purchasing a home. Joe helped me get in touch with a lender. Then off we went searching for homes that would fit my family. Joe found a home that checked off almost everything on...Read More

      Meghan G.

    • First and foremost Joe Willingham is an amazing person and that translates in how he approaches his work. It is hard to put into words how our experience was, but we will try. The way Joe treated us was beyond incredible. Our journey lasted about year and half, give or take, and in that time...Read More

      John and Cristal Hopkins

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